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LJ exterior wall flexible putty

This product is made of cement, fine orthopedics and imported polymer. It adopts scientific formula and is specially developed for building exterior wall. It is non-toxic and non-volatile. It is a green and environment-friendly high-tech product.


It has good bi-directional affinity and strong bonding with base surface and coating primer.

It has good ductility, anti-cracking, flame retardant, anti-aging and anti-mould ability.

Ready-mixed and product, uniform and stable performance, open the bag and add water, environmental protection and convenience.

Area Applicable

It is suitable for the flattening and renovation of the base surface such as ceramic tiles, glass mosaic, granite, clay tile, water brush Stone, dry clay stone, concrete and cement mortar (smooth surface uses two-component ).


Construction Method:

1. It is required that there is no grease, floating dust, loose materials and so on at the basic level, and it is required to make up for bumps, defects, holes and cracks and so on at the basic level.

2. Add Putty powder after adding proper amount of water into the container, and fully stir evenly with Stirrer. It is forbidden to stir again for 5-6 minutes before construction. The modulated slurry should be used up within 3 hours, and the construction should be selected above 0℃.
Do not construct on rainy days.
Moisture proof should be paid attention to in product storage.
The storage period is three months (in sealed state ).