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LJ Architectural reflective thermal insulation coatings

It contains superfine hollow spherical powder and has certain sound insulation effect.
Excellent self-cleaning, weather resistance and water resistance, can prevent mold breeding and other characteristics
Acid resistance, alkali resistance and salt spray resistance.
High elasticity of paint film can make up for slight cracks.
Environmental protection, low VOC release

The mean value of solar reflection ratio ≥ 0.65, Hemisphere reflection ratio ≥ 0.85, near infrared reflection ratio ≥ 0.8.
Product description

This product is made of hollow glass beads, infrared reflection pigments and other functional materials, stuffing, organic silicon emulsion and so on to make the building exterior wall reflection heat insulation coating. By adding infrared reflection pigment, this coating not only ensures its high reflection thermal insulation performance and hydrophobic performance, but also forms a variety of colors, solving the current problem of single color of reflection thermal insulation coating.


It is applicable to civil buildings of new construction, reconstruction, expansion and energy-saving transformation of existing buildings, as well as heat insulation projects of exterior walls and roofs. It is also applicable to the protection of heat expansion damage of Sunshine surface matrix of bridges, dams and other facilities.

Reflective thermal insulation coating can be applied to places where the volume and weight are limited. (approved) 1mm thick reflective thermal insulation coating reflects 90%-95% of all thermal radiation, it is equivalent to 10mm thick polystyrene foam with an R value of 20.

The reflective thermal insulation coating can be used alone, and can also be used together with other multi-air thermal insulation materials, such as supporting materials for external wall thermal insulation, especially in hot summer and cold winter, hot summer and warm winter areas, it forms a structure with high reflection and low heat transfer to achieve the effect of heat insulation and heat preservation.


construction instruction

Construction conditions: relative humidity below 85%, temperature 5-40.

Construction method: Brush coating, roll coating and spray coating are OK. Please clean with clean water immediately after use. The coating should be fully stirred evenly before use, and can be diluted with proper amount of water.

Technical parameters

Reflection ratio of sunlight: 0.65.

Near infrared reflection ratio: 0.80.

Hemisphere reflection: 0.85.

Reflection ratio of sunlight after pollution (rate of change %): 20.