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LJ External wall anti-alkali transparent primer

Permeability and closure performance;
Effectively prevent the precipitation of water soluble substance
Improve the adhesive property and decorative durability of finishing coat;
Save part of finishing paint
Improve gloss and other properties


The base material of the base material of imported special resin acrylic emulsion is adopted as the base material of the external wall anti-alkali closed permeability primer, which has super strong permeability, can reduce the water absorption of the base layer, and provides excellent adhesive force for all kinds of external wall base surface, it can save the consumption of finish paint, improve the glossiness of light paint, reduce the total cost of painting, and make the painting effect of wall surface better.

Area Applicable.

Building cement mortar, masonry structure, asbestos board, gypsum board and wood surface.

Technical parameters

Color: white translucent.

Composition: acrylic polymer.

Gloss: matte.

Drying Time: surface drying: 2 hours.

Re-coating time: at least 2 hours (25, 50% relative humidity ).

Dry paint film thickness: 25 micrometers/layer.

Theoretical paint consumption: 10 m2/L/floor, the actual construction area will vary depending on construction method, surface roughness and construction environment.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place above 0.

Maintenance period: more than 5 days, the low temperature will be extended accordingly.


Construction method: brushing, roller coating, batch scraping and spraying.

Dilution: dilute with water below 20%.

Construction Environment: temperature not lower than 5, relative humidity not higher than 85%.