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LJ Natural stone paint

This product is a kind of weather-resistant thick coating made of water-based Pure acrylic weather-resistant resin and natural inorganic stone. The combination of color stones and sizes, and the contrast of colors, are the substitute materials of natural rocks.


The coating surface is relatively rough, which can easily create the beauty like natural stone.

It is not affected by the modeling of the base surface, and can be suitable for various base surfaces, and can be painted freely with the modeling of the building.

Using science and technology to mix colors, it is not easy to fade, the coating is thick, and the UV resistance is good.

It has weather resistance, alkaline resistance, durability and density.

Area Applicable

The interior wall, exterior wall, line plate, decorative, special modeling and so on of the building.


Cement mortar surface, concrete surface, gypsum board, wood board, all kinds of fiber board, metal board, etc.

Surface Applicable

Cement base surface plastering surface defect and hollowing place should be filled with cement mortar or special putty.

Spray oily primer paint after cleaning the base surface of the board.

After grinding the base surface with #360 sandpaper, the metal base surface is cleaned with corresponding chemical solvent, and then coated with special primer.



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