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L J Textured paint

Acrylic Emulsion is used as adhesive, which is cost-effective and widely used.
It is hard to fade, and maintains long-term beauty.
The coating has flexibility, which can cover up some micro-cracks on the wall to some extent.
The color can be adjusted directly, the sand feeling is more obvious, the color is soft, beautiful and natural texture of the stone.


Texture coating is a sand wall-like coating with natural sand and synthetic resin as the main body. It has excellent weather resistance and flexibility, and can protect the beauty of buildings for a long time. This product is rich in color and texture, users can paint all kinds of rough and unique sand effects. Natural color gives people the beauty of elegance, harmony, luxury and solemnity. Users can render various artistic textures as they wish as long as they adopt different construction tools and techniques.

Area Applicable

Interior walls, exterior walls, high-rise residences, villas, tourist buildings, etc.