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LJ Special elastic roughing coating

This product is a kind of solid elastic composition coating modulated by using elastic emulsion and inorganic raw materials. It can effectively cover the minor cracks of the wall, which is also the choice of repainting the old wall.
Cement mortar surface, concrete surface, gypsum board, wood board, all kinds of fiber board, metal board, etc.


Prevent Neutralization: it can prevent water and carbon dioxide from penetrating into the wall, keep the alkaline of concrete forever, and solve the problem of rusting steel bar.

Waterproof, antifreezing and temperature-resistant function: it can prevent water from penetrating into the wall, avoid the qualitative change caused by freezing, and the initial water resistance is excellent.

Low Pollution performance: using core-shell technology, soft core is interconnected, hard core outside. The soft nucleus ensures the elasticity of the coating film, and the hard nucleus reduces the adhesion of the coating film, thus improving the pollution resistance.

Weather resistance: the resin coating developed by applying three-dimensional cross-linking reaction has high weather resistance, and it can protect the appearance of buildings for a long time, and it will last forever.

Other properties: Strong Attachment, elegant luster, long-term elasticity, and solving pinhole problems.

Area Applicable  

The interior wall, exterior wall, line plate, decorative, special modeling and so on of the building.

Surface Applicable

Cement base surface plastering surface defect and hollowing place should be filled with cement mortar or special putty. ◆Spray oily primer paint after cleaning up the base surface of the board. ◆After grinding the metal base surface with #360 sandpaper, clean it with corresponding chemical solvent, and then paint special primer.